IC NO*Dronningbergets Alinea Spring

Born: 02.06.18

Colour: SIB n 09 22, black tabby with white


I am very happy to have Lina in my cattery. Her pedigree contains several of my oldest Siberians, such as 

Camilla Onix Gloria, CaithaJoithi Hakuna Matata Hala, (N) Siberikos Fighter, (N) Siberikos Inez and Zhdana Manchzhury. 

Her parents are (N) Siberikos Raymona & Rossity Casimir. 

Lina is the most tender and relaxed Siberian you can imagine. She is always ready for some cuddle. 

Lina has participated at some shows as an youngster and young adult, and got great judgements. 

Lina will have her second litter in autumn 2020. 

The father of this litter will be a super golden boy with a nice pedigree without NEM. 


HCM: neg. 11.06.19

PKD ultrasonic: neg.11.06.19

PK-def: negative 

Blood group: A or AB, not carrier of B-blood

CS-gene: C/cs: carrier of cs-gene