(N) Siberikos Born To Be My Baby

Born: 19.04.18

Colour: SIB fs 22, silver tortie tabby


My first Siberians was a silver tortie, and during the years I also have a couple of silver males in my cattery. For a while I had dreamt of a new silver, and here she is. Not only silver, but a super tortie with good type. Her type is a good mix between her mother (N ) CarilloCat Casandra and her father FI*Amantes Everest. 

Baby is not the team-leader at home, she is like her mother at that point. 

But she is still relaxed, easy to handle, and likes to cuddle. 

She is also relaxed at shows, and has so fare got excellent judgements with several BIVs and NOMs as an youngster. 

Baby will be mated with IC (N) Sibrikos Alamos in spring/summer 2020. 


HCM: neg. 11.06.19

PKD ultrasound: neg. 11.06.19

Blood-group: A or AB, not carrier of B-blood

CS-gene: C/C, not carrier