Born: 18.06.15

Colour: SIB ny 22, black golden tabby


This is our neutered male from excellent lines, with a collection of my favorite SIBs behind in the pedigree.  He is out of a linebreeding with Rossity Kamysh on both sides, an excellent male which I have been in love with for years.

I am also not sad that my biggest love and pride, SC (N) Siberikos Illuzion, DVM, DSM is grandfather to Gold Fever.

Gold Fever is called Lillegull (LittleGold) at home....And he is for sure made of gold. He is so relaxed and cuddly, like his parents. He has the look that I want in a SIB; nice green, almond shaped eyes. His coat texture is excellent. He is not very big, but harmonic built. 

Thank you Kari Granaas Hansen, (N) CarilloCat, for this dream of a boy!

I have 3 of his offsprings in my cattery. 

They are ( N ) Siberikos Kamilla Ividatter JW, ( N ) Siberikos Nanna Nicoline, and ( N ) Nordskj√¶rets Vita. 


HCM-test: negative 13.06.16, 11.04.18, 15.06.20

PKD-1: negative

PKD ultrasound: negative

PKD-def.: negative

Blood type: N/N, not carrier of B-blood

CS-gene: C/cs, carrier of colourpoint gene