Born: 02.05.14

Colour: SIB n 03 24, black spottet with white.


PrimaDonna, or Putti as she is called at home, is the daughter of CaithaJoithi Hakuna Matata Hala and the Swedish male  S*Lubov Sibiri Stravinsky Cooperov. After her mother passed away in spring 2019 she is the oldest Siberian in our home. 

PrimaDonna is a medium sized girl, with a chubby body. She has very good coat texture, like her mother, but Puttis coat is thicker. She has a very warm brown colour, almost golden.

Putti is a curious girl that wants to be with her staff to see if something exciting happends. She do not like shows, and will because of that not be shown anymore.

She has till now had 3 litters; Z-litter with NO*Heggdalkatten Fenris , Aa-litter with (N) Nordskjaerets Uzzi and Cc-litter with our own IC (N) CarilloCat Gold Fever. She will have one more litter before she gets neutered, hopefully in 2020.


HCM-test: negative 22.10.15, 14.08.17, 02.12.19

PKD-1: negative

PKD ultrasound: negative

PK-def.: negative

Blood type: N/b, carrier of B-blood

CS-gene: C/C, not carrier, parents tested