SE*Edalunds Ram it down JW

Born: 03.02.19

Colour: SIB n 24, black spotted


What can I say about Rooney....He is a dream come true, from fantastic parents in Sweden. His mother is a show stopper, best known as Sivan, and his father is also a multiple BIS cat and a junior winner. 

Finally also little Rooney did make it all the way to the Junior Winner title, it is just amazing.

Rooney is a powerful boy with strong body, not very big, he is a medium size Siberian, but he is still young. 

His temper is just fantastic, so calm and relaxed towards people, other cats and dogs. 

Rooney is co-owned and lives with Elisabeth Kristin Bratteberg, which have the cattery NO*Tindepoten.

Rooney will sire some litters in 2020, both in my cattery and with NO*Tindepoten. 

Thanx to Sören and Susan Kedert for trusting us with this diamond. 


HCM: negative 02.12.19

PKD ultrasonic: negative 02.12.19


CS-gene: C/C, not carrier (parents tested)

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